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We are a team of Professional Educationalists led by Mr Paresh Desai , C.A., striving to give quality education to all our students. . Mr Paresh has wide experience in teaching field and other fields of human behavioral sciences.

Our Students dreams are our dreams. If their dreams are satisfied ours are satisfied automatically. Our Success lies in fulfilling the dreams of scores of successful past students.

Our methodology of teaching is based on the fundamentals of any subject. If the basics of any subject is clear then that subject never appears boring. Along with the basics one more aspect that is considered is the purpose of any subject. It is the ”WHY” of anything. E.g. why is Accountancy required.. This has proven to make the topics more interesting and the student goes through the subject with a thorough understanding of it

Successful Stories


We understand the stressful life a student has to go through nowadays. Due to this stress it is possible that the student may forget certain basics of a subject. Before we start a subject we assess the basics of the students studied in the earlier years. If found that the student lacks any basic understanding then we focus first on clearing the basics and then start with the topics for that year. Due to this practice students understanding increases and scores high marks in the exams

We offer free student development courses to our students who would like to enhance their academic performance . Along with Academic studies a lot of other factors go in to the making of a success story of a student.

Meticulous time planning , goal setting , utilizing the power of the Affirmations and Sub conscious mind go a long way in supplementing a students economic studies.